Discover ‘Tween Rivers

The Rappahannock-Rapidan region’s abundant outdoor resources and natural beauty, rolling farmlands, historic towns and sites, attract increasing numbers of visitors to the area each year. A place of beauty, it is a vista of rural farms, orchards, historic places, and unspoiled beauty, as well as protected habitats and areas of natural resources for retreat, discovery and recreation.

The Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and mountain vistas will be protected as important resources and attractions for visitors, along with the region’s rivers, forests, open space and working farmland. Our piedmont soils will be cultivated with practices that sustain their rich productivity and our mineral resources sensitively managed in a comprehensive way that both protects recreational uses and provides ample clean water for our communities and those downstream.

The Region’s Vision states, “We value our scenic natural setting, abundant open space and farms, numerous historic resources, the Main Streets and neighborhoods of our communities and a warm and friendly atmosphere.”

We invite you to spend time traveling the Tween Rivers Trail, exploring all that our rich heritage has to offer. We are proud of the many farmers, foresters and agri-artisans that produce quality, locally made products and call the Rappahannock-Rapidan region their home.

With exciting new farm to fork restaurants, quaint bed and breakfast lodgings, and a myriad of agricultural, forestry and argi-artisan activities and events, there is something to please just about every type of traveler. Whether you visit a pick your own farm, a gallery or vineyard, or relax after a delicious, fresh farm to fork gourmet meal at a serene bed and breakfast, we invite you to come experience all that is crafted in the Foothills!

Footnote: Additional copies of this Vision, as well as meeting summaries and copies of all the documents that were a part of the visioning process are available from the RRRC at