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Cibola Farms

Farm Experience — Market

Cibola Farms produces Bison, free-range hogs, direct markets buffalo meats and free-range pork using sustainable management practices through a holistic approach to agriculture. We employ humane handling techniques and measures to ensure that all animals at the farm are comfortable both mentally and physically.


Cibola Farms aims to produce healthy foods through raising livestock using natural elements. We make as many ecological decisions and efforts as possible in the mapping, planning and implementation of our agricultural endeavors. We welcome all visitors to take a self-guided walking tour at our farm during normal daylight business hours. We discourage bringing pets on this self-guided tour. We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash as payment options.


9am-5pm every day

(excluding major holidays)


"We were provided with phenomenal advice when selecting the meats at the market and equally great cooking instructions that enabled us to unlock the special flavor profiles from such quality products. "

"We chose some buffalo steaks and buffalo hot dogs, and cooked them within the next few nights. Both were very tasty, and I like that they are a free-range farm that uses humane methods."

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