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Artisan — Handcrafted


Clore Furniture was established as E.A. Clore Sons in 1830 by Moses Clore, maker of chairs, tables, chicken coops and coffins. Over the years we have added to the line (we no longer make the chicken coops or coffins) but one thing has not changed- our dedication to making an heirloom. We still bring in green wood, air-dry it outdoors for up to 2 years. It is then put in the kiln until a moisture level of only 6% is obtained. This low moisture level gives stability to the wood so your bed, dresser or dining table, whatever you choose, should remain strong and beautiful throughout the years.


All our furniture is handcrafted from solid hardwood of cherry, walnut, mahogany or oak, with various finishes available within those woods. We understand the need to modify or create a new piece, so custom designs are a possibility, as well. Clore makes furniture for almost every room in the house but we are legendary for our incredibly sturdy chairs. All our chair styles carry a rush seat, which used to be cattail rush many decades ago. It has now been replaced with twisted kraft paper cord, which we lacquer after the seats are woven, for a tough, cleanable seat. This rush seat will last for 30 to 40 years, or more. It may also be reseated, allowing for another generation to keep and use our chairs, the ultimate in sustainability.


Lucky students on the Lawn at the University of Virginia use Clore furniture, such as our classic ladderback rocker. Each student at Woodberry Forest, a Madison County prep school, are supplied a bed, chest, desk and chair. We also supply the dining room furniture, which has withstood the use of thousands of boisterous young men!


Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm

Saturday 8am to 12pm

The Clore Family has lived and worked in the heart of Virginia since 1717, doing what they love and doing it very well, making furniture since 1830. Through the years, Clore heirloom-quality furniture has come to be regarded as quintessentially American—functional, beautiful, and enduring.


Visit Clore where our craftsmen hand-craft chairs, tables, bedroom and dining sets and many other pieces, and you’ll be brought back in time. Wander through the showroom where you can see our customers’ most loved pieces; foot stools, rib rockers, children’s rockers, and much more! At Clore you’re not getting just quality furniture, you’re getting a story. As you wander through the little town of Madison, you’ll see our furniture in many businesses, even the courthouse!


"Beautiful furniture, handcrafted and meant to last a lifetime (or a few, because you will want to pass this on). Just got a beautiful set of 12 chairs for the dining room; they also refinished our table to match the finish on the new chairs. They are the real deal, and a treasure."

"We purchased bedroom furniture, dining room pieces, rocker, 2 side tables about 30 or 35 years ago. The pieces are timeless, still beautiful. The wood was cherry, so lovely."

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