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Copper Fox Distillery

We make unique, hand crafted whisky and other distilled spirits. We offer tours showing our malting, pot still, barrel room and bottling operation. Tours are free, Tastings are available for a small fee. Bottles & other tasteful items are for sale at the distillery store. 

At Copper Fox Distillery, we dedicate ourselves to making great American spirits. We emphasize the combination of innovation and tradition to produce a whisky that is truly unique.


Our whisky is hand-crafted with original ideas. We start from scratch, hand-malting our own barley, and then flavoring the grain with apple and cherry wood smoke. The spirit is aged with a progressive series of new and used apple wood and oak chips inside used bourbon barrels.


Monday - Saturday





"They have little DIY kits with a mini barrel and some alcohol to age."

"We were most impressed with their single malt, and we picked up a bottle to take home."

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