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Farm station cafe

Farm-to-Fork Restaurant

Modern lives are demanding with little time to spare for quality family moments or fresh home cooked meals. We understand why fast food is now more popular than ever, but we also know you want more from your meals: nutrition, excellent taste, and high quality ingredients. We pride ourselves in responsibly sourced, bright-flavored food. One important guiding principle we offer is to connect people to the food they eat.


Like the heart of a home, the center of our café IS indeed the kitchen. Our culinary team truly has a deep love and passion for their work. Sharing this appreciation with customers is important and our team is more than happy to share tips with our customers.

Farm Station Cafe invites you to linger after you dine. Our establishment is designed for you to feel like you are at home, so reflect on special times, relax, and enjoy our comfortable setting, food, and those you are with. If you wish to order our cuisine, but prefer to eat in your own home, we do offer dining out services. Farm Station Cafe’s fresh, delectable, and unique experience is one we hope you share with others.


Monday Temporarily Closed
Tuesday 11am-7pm
Wednesday 11am - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 8pm
Saturday 11am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 2pm


"Husband and I have gluten and dairy allergies. The staff made recommendations for us and chef came to speak to us as well, to let us know how they were preparing our meals."

"Staff was friendly, the atmosphere was great, and the food was outstanding. If you have the chance to try their autumn velvet soup, you won't be disappointed. It was delicious!!"

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