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The Market at grelen

The Market at Grelen opened in April, 2013 as a European-Style Garden Shop and over time the concept has continued to evolve. Almost immediately, couples asked to get married at Grelen so a 4500 sq. ft. clear tent was installed and a full time Venue Manager was hired. In addition, the Casual Cafe concept was born in response to clients who were arriving hungry after traveling quite a distance to enjoy the “Grelen Experience.” 


Then a full time chef joined our team, and a large veggie garden was added to compliment the berries and fruit trees. The menu now includes delicious farm to table fare, as well as a wonderful selection of Virginia beer, cider & wine. 


Finally, given the incredible natural beauty that defines the property and is being enjoyed by so many visitors, a public 3.9 mile trail system (Grelen Trails) was added. 


March-December Tuesdays-Sundays 10am-4pm


"Before we got our food I wss ready to leave a five star review. The setting was that gorgeous. It's in the middle of nowhere, well, it's in the middle of a huge garden and trees. Should be a mandatory lunch spot combined with visiting the Madison estate. And sandwiches were very tasty."

"Their shop is full of interesting items and the ability to pick your own fruit is awesome as well. When they have excessive amounts of fruit, they let you pick some for free."

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