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Discover the benefits of being a trail member:



Marketing of your business through promotion of the ‘Tween Rivers Trail. Brochures, paid advertisements and links to your website through the ‘Tween Rivers Trail website, Virginia Piedmont website and county tourism websites.

Tween Rivers Trail Requirements


All membership applications will be reviewed by the Rappahannock-Rapidan Tourism Committee.  Approved ‘Tween Rivers Trail Site members agree to and commit to adhering to the following requirements:

General Criteria

  • Trail* sites are local Agricultural and Forestry based businesses that use or produce local products in the Rappahannock-Rapidan region;

  • Trail site locations must be easily accessible by 2-wheel drive vehicles and have appropriate signage for tourists to locate them;

  • All sites must specify and maintain regular business hours. Seasonal hours are acceptable, but must be set (no “call ahead” or “check for availability”);

  • All sites must be visitor friendly, clean, safe, provide adequate restrooms, directional signs and ample off-street parking

  • Site owners will carry adequate liability insurance and are responsible for taking steps to reduce or eliminate possible risk due to negligence.

*Local businesses that would be complementary to Agricultural and/or Forestry bases businesses shall be considered on a case by case basis.

Special Criteria

  • Home-based businesses should comply with all local zoning regulations, ordinances and licensing requirements.

  • Craft shop, gift shops and galleries must prioritize agri-artisan items made from the Rappahannock-Rapidan region.  Shops with a strong product line of imports or crafts made from kits will not qualify;

  • Sites that sell agricultural and food products must prioritize locally grown or produced goods;

  • Restaurants must meet one of the following:

    • Supports local agri-artisans by displaying their products at their place of business (hang artwork, sell honey, etc.)

    • Features locally grown produce/products and identifies source regularly on the menu

All approved sites will be asked to update their business information on the ‘Tween Rivers Trail website an annual basis. In addition, all trail sites will include a link to the ‘Tween Rivers Trail website, like and follow us on social media, display ‘Tween Rivers Trail brochures and encourage their customers to visit the other trail sites.

Sign-up to become a trail member:

*Please email 4 pictures you would like included on your profile to
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