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Raindrops in Virginia

Public Garden — Gallery — Handmade Artisan Crafts

When I was young, one of my earliest memories of creating was with my sisters and friends would make shoulder pad dolls. We would have so much fun just making things being completely free. As time went on, with one sister working at a craft store, I had many opportunities to try a wide variety of materials and techniques. I always found great joy in creating beautiful things, and would let out a great squeal of delight when my ideas came to life. With my passion for creating I eventually decided to open a business, and after Prayer and much thought Raindrops in Virginia was launched in 2013.


The name came about as I was on my way to work in the rain with Laura Story's "Blessings" playing softly. At the time I was praying about a name for my new business. I started to think about how rain is God's great recycling system, and wanting recycling to be the basis of my business, and with the desire to bless others my goal, it was the perfect fit. Many blessings do come through raindrops.


As time passed I started to feel like I would need to choose between my business, feeling like I would need to give my all to making it grow, or fulfilling another dream of having a husband and family. Finally deciding that I needed to focus on the business, I moved ahead, but God had other plans.


In May of 2014 I met my Adam who I realized very quickly had a passion for creating that matched mine. All along God had a higher plan, I didn't need to choose, He had provided me with someone whom compliments my strengths and upholds my weaknesses. We are stronger together than either of us were apart. It has been such a joy having him join Raindrops, and working together to build this into a business we can be proud of. We have been bouncing ideas off of each other and adding new products ever since!


In November of 2016 Adam & Kathryn Married, and opened their store in Gordonsville VA on January 26, 2017. -Kathryn & Adam


Tuesday-Saturday  10am-5pm


"Old World craftsmanship melded with modern touches and creativity."

"So talented and creative! Their shop is full of wonderful handmade items. Their passion for preserving, re-purposing and creating is evident in all that they do. You must go see their place and meet the wonderful owners."

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