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Vint hill craft winery

We offer tours of our distillery, tastings ($5) of our whiskey products, sales of our spirits: Virginia Lightning Corn Whiskey, Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey, Virginia Lightning Cherry, Virginia Lightning Apple Pie, Virginia Lightning Moonshine and Kopper Kettle Vodka. We also sell gifts in our shop. We are an ABC store, therefore, we cannot give discounts.

For more than four centuries our forefathers have been producing fresh whiskey in the hills of Virginia. Now, for the last 30 years, this once elusive drink is available for all to enjoy. 

Until 30 years ago, whiskey for popular consumption, had been made in column stills, handling thousands of gallons per hour. Only at Belmont Farm, our whiskey is produced in a genuine solid copper pot still. While others may be flooding the market, our pot still whiskey is slow and handled with care, to preserve all of the aroma and taste of a fine fresh whiskey. Our copper pot still is truly the secret of our whiskey.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday



"You've seen us on the show, now come see us in real life! Come find out how we make moonshine and whiskey. Come meet Master Distiller Chuck Miller, or join us for a special event and grab Tim Smith's autograph."

"While they sell a "moonshine" (raw spirit) and a vodka, Belmont Farm is known for their high quality Bourbon-style (corn based) whiskey "

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