Winding Road Cellars

Many people who visit Winding Road Cellars ask us how we chose our name, and there are a few ways we often answer. First, we ask those who question, "How did you arrive here today?" "By way of winding road," we answer, smiling.

Yes, Leeds Manor Road is a winding, beautiful road for certain. There is, of course, a more fulsome explanation to the name, and we'd love to share it with you when you come in for a tasting or a glass.

To be sure, there have been many winding roads in our life. It's amazing the twists and turns life takes as you go forward through the years! We surely never thought we'd end up growing grapes! This adventure we now find ourselves in has been hard work but full of good times - working hand in hand and side by side, laughing at our mistakes and misadventures, learning and enjoying new experiences.





"They provide a large cracker and several small squares of a delicious cheese to use a palate cleanser. And with their dessert wine - they give you some chocolate to try with the wine."

"I loved the friendliness of the staff, thought the rustic tasting room & patio overlooking the pond were charming, and deeply appreciate how they age their wines."

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