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Yoder's Country Market specializes in bulk food. In order to provide you with the best quality at the best price, we buy our products in large quantities from over 100 different suppliers.


Most of our items come in 50lb bags or 25lb boxes. We then repackage the goods into clear plastic bags of various sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Of course, you can still buy in bulk for an even greater savings!

Another feature that sets us apart is our homemade baked goods. Mennonite bakers supply us with a variety of breads, pies, cakes, and cookies all made from scratch and without preservatives. It just doesn't get much better than that!


Monday through Friday 7:30am-6pm

Saturday 7:30am-5pm

Closed Sundays


"We could have easily spent an entire week to take advantage of the numerous amenities available and take in the surrounding area, whether hiking or visiting the numerous wineries nearby."

"They have partnered up with the best wineries in the area and gave us free tasting cards that were immediately honored without question."

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