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Arterra Wines & Hawkmoth Arts

Winery — Gallery — Artisan

Nestled on a beautifully wooded estate, Arterra wines promises a distinctive wine experience. Ancient techniques integrate with modern capacity to produce a progressive clean wine, intended to be a truly authentic ‘Virginia Style’ wine. This is done with native yeast fermentations, neutral oak, and no additives. We grow the highest quality fruit, and express vivid flavors, rich texture, and robust character.

Spontaneous fermentation using only the yeasts naturally occurring on the grape skins in our vineyard are the initial necessity of any genuine expression of terroir. Every wine made by Arterra undergoes a progression of at least 7 indigenous yeast strains working together via sur-lie aging to increase complexity and establish an added dimension to the wine profile as a broad expansive volume. The initial strains are unique species that are not commercially available.


Thursday-Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 6 p.m.


"Arterra is one of the few places that has Tannat and Malbec..."

"The premise is absolutely beautiful, with an artisan vibe to it. I especially love the art on display in the tasting room - what a treat to see!"

"The cab franc in particular was awesome..."

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