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Fox Meadow Winery

Winery — Event Venue

Twelve years ago we visited the area, and fell in love with Northern Virginia. We visited some of the local wineries and realized that great wines can be crafted here! After an exhausting search we found the parcel of land which is now known as Fox Meadow Vineyards. Fox Meadow was once part of Freezeland Orchard, which was almost 100 years old. We could immediately see the potential of this location. It had great possibilities!


Once “discovering” the site, we enlisted some of the finest professionals in the region to consult with to develop Fox Meadow Vineyards. We have now been crafting great wines using traditional wine making skills and processes for nearly a decade. Whether your taste is for the more traditional old world style dry wines like our Reserve Cabernet Franc or Le Renard Rouge or if you prefer a light refreshing aromatic fruity white like our Pinot Gris or Blue Mountain Mist, we have something for you.


Mon, Thurs & Fri: 11AM-5PM (first-come, first-serve)
Sat & Sun: 11AM-6PM (reservations encouraged)
Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays


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"Fox Meadow's wine club also gets two thumbs up, especially for the two free tastings every visit."

"The Cab Franc was delightful and my favorite.  This wind was smooth and medium bodied."



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