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Rucker Farm

At Rucker Farm we raise pastured beef, pork, poultry and lamb through sustainable/regenerative methods. Our mission is to farm the soil and grasses to better work in harmony with mother nature allowing our animals to do what they do best! We’re dedicated to protecting the land for future generations and through regenerative agriculture, holistic healing, and a greater connection to nature, we can create an experience that enriches our lives and serves a greater communal need.


Available by appt or pre-order online at this time


"Rucker Farm holds a special place in the hearts of my family. From the first co-op meet up to the most recent winter walk, we have been welcomed with open arms. The community they are building is beautiful and I encourage everyone to join in! Garrett and Isabelle care deeply for their farm and it shows in everything they do. They put their hearts into raising quality meats and you bet you can taste the difference. Their chicken is a regular item on our home menu and it never disappoints!​"

"I have had the honor of being able to witness Rucker Farm (and Family!) grow over the past few years. The products and practices are second to none. I have learned so much from Garrett and Isabelle - they are truly dedicated to providing quality food to this community! Thank you Rucker!!!"

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