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All products are handmade with love and all lavender is grown, harvested by hand, and distilled by the Seek Family. Our 'growing passion' stems from lavender propagation ensuring all lavender plants are derived from Seek Lavender. 


The Little House at Seek Lavender, filled with lavender treasures, conveniently located, welcomes you with serenity and deep gratitude. Seek Lavender is a family lavender farm. We grow, hand harvest, distill lavender, and handmake lavender products. We grow and sell 30 culinary and medicinal herbs, and are a site of the Culpeper Farm Tour!


Saturdays and by appointment. Check website for details.


"Seek Lavender’s products have been a great calming addition to my life."

"I often recommend Seek Lavender products to my co-workers and send them goodie bags of my favorites when they are feeling stressed."

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